I worked on Dirty Bomb when I first joined Splash Damage back in 2016. It was the first game I worked on out of university and had around 20 people in the team with one other tech artist. After a month he was moved onto another project which left me as the sole tech artist on the team, I embraced this challenge and it taught me a lot of useful skills regarding leadership and maintaining a smooth workflow on a team.

My main responsibilities on Dirty Bomb were profiling and optimization, focusing on the requirements for different specifications, finding the balance of art on the higher specs and prioritizing the frame rate on lower specs whilst maintaining the quality of art.

On top of this I helped with any problems the artists encountered and fulfilled roles that we didn’t have an artist for. We didn’t have a VFX artist on the team whilst I was there but as we had a backlog of VFX related bugs I took ownership and fixed them.