After working on Dirty bomb I moved onto the Gears of War 4 team to work on the DLC multiplayer maps. There were two other tech artists on this team, another junior tech artist and a Lead. Joining an actual tech art team after being by myself was a great learning experience and also allowed me to share my knowledge with others.

The goal of the DLC was to release 2 multiplayer maps every month for a year after release so tech art was very focused on optimizations to get the game looking great and running smoothly. However unlike Dirty Bomb there were opportunities to create new tech and art on the game such as the Windflare in The Slab.

Each tech artist took ownership of a map but we helped each other out when necessary and these are the maps I worked on:



Forge Blitz

Harbor Haze

Lift Apex

Old Town

Raven Down

The Slab