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I’m trying to improve my knowledge in my spare time doing personal projects and courses. I think it’s important to track progress and thought my website felt like a good place to store it!

It easy to get daunted by the sheer amount of areas where I could improve my knowledge so I’m hoping making a list here will make it easier for me to track the things I really want to focus my time on.

Character Art:

Milivoj Popovic:  Does a course on creating models from 2D illustrations on artstation.


Anastasia Opara: Anastasia Opara has a few tutorials for Houdini, the most in depth being the Lakehouse Tutorials. They do a great job of giving the user an overview of how to use houdini efficiently and smartly. The only downside is that they are in an older version of Houdini and require adapting to use with the current version. This can be spun as a positive though as you have to really understand the core of what she’s telling you to implement it in the newer version.
I have bought these and think it would be good to complete them from start to finish, so far I’ve only gotten through the first volume.


Learn OpenGL



PixelSpirit made a cool deck of cards that might be fun to recreate in Shadertoy


Ray tracing in One weekend is a course focused on getting an introduction to ray tracing written by Peter Shirley. 


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